“Delicate Things” by Alex Ozers


Alright, you lucky ducks– isn’t this a treat!? These are shots of Alex Ozer’s exhibition “Delicate Things”…. in the making! How often do you get to go on studio visits? Have the chance to see artwork ‘in process’ and get a glimpse into the layers, the decisions, the careful building of a whole? Nothing in front of you here is complete, because, well, you can come by and see it hanging on our wall in its fully-realized form. (This, folks, is what you’d call a teaser!) Nothing equates to seeing art, especially art this textural, in person, right?






These pieces feature painting, weaving, metal casts, wood assemblage, and found natural objects, organized in a fashion that suggests ideas of the mystic, ritual, and relic. Ozer’s choice to levitate some of the forms  in the space in front of the wood plank, away from the wall, draws attention to the solidity and object-ness of these parts, and bring us to the proper state to consider weight and weightlessness, the solid and the ephemeral, the natural and the designed.

If you’d like a chance to chat about any of the varied processes within the work with the artist himself, this Friday night, February 7th, we host a reception from 7pm-9pm. The exhibition will remain on view through the end of February. 


Photo Essay: A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Greg Corman of Tucson, AZ

Sorry, bees, this one’s for us.


Tucson artist and landscape designer Greg Corman has gained quite a bit of popularity here in Phoenix as the architect of supremely artful ‘bee habitats‘– but never fear, he’s also interested  in helping out with the artfulness of our human homes. The new work installed at Practical Art for our December exhibition “Artifact” is a solo show of Corman’s work, and year round, we display a collection of his functional pieces: benches, key hooks, bee habitats (of course), centerpiece vessels, and items like this elegant and handsome jewelry holder made of Desert Ironwood.

photo (27)

His passion is creating sculpture, outdoor furniture, and other objects from salvaged wood and steel and found objects, which often means that his raw materials need a little (read: a lot) of help becoming the beautiful components he knows they can be. His pieces highlight the natural textures and patinas of the materials he uses, and he’s invited us all into his studio for a glimpse at the process.


corman story-03










Greg’s experience includes thirty years of horticultural and design work, mostly in desert areas of Australia, the Middle East, and the Southwestern US. Greg is recognized as a regional expert on native plants and teaches docents, master gardeners, and the public on many horticultural and design topics. He has BS and MS degrees in Agriculture from the University of Arizona and the University of Maryland, respectively.

photo (26)

If you want to see examples of the breadth and depth of his work, tonight’s “Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night” is a nice opportunity to swing by the shop, see and feel the work in person, and, well, eat pie! We’ll be swingin’ from 7-9pm for Pie Night, and the “Artifact” exhibition will be up for the remainder of December.