October Charity Pie Night benefiting Rising Youth Theatre!


Here at Practical Art, we strongly believe in the transformative and community–building power of art. Hence, we strive to bring art into the everyday. Luckily, we are not alone in this mission. Organizations, such as Rising Youth Theatre work hard to bring incredible artistic experiences to the youth and the community— which is why we are excited to feature them this Friday from 7:00pm – 9:00pm during the most scrumptious night of the month, Charity Pie Night!


In an article from Edutopia, Fran Smith quotes a report by the Rand Corporation stating, “the intrinsic pleasures and stimulation of the art experience do more than sweeten an individual’s life — according to the report, they ‘can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing,’ creating the foundation to forge social bonds and community cohesion.” (Read the full article here)

This quote demonstrates the core of Rising Youth Theatre’s mission statement: to create youth driven theatre that is riveting and relevant, challenging audiences to hear new stories, start conversations and participate in their communities. Through participation on stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience, children, teens, and adults are exposed to innovative ways of thinking and asking questions about the world around us. The result is thoughtful, engaged citizens.

Karen Olson of Vonceil’s Pies will bring her own artistic creations to share, as we celebrate the work of this wonderful organization. Share in a slice, or try a sampling of each unique and delicious flavor as you discuss why the arts are so important to you. We can’t wait to see you there!

PA Pie Social-73

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A Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night!
Friday, October 23rd, 2015 from 7pm-9pm
Featured charity: Rising Youth Theatre!

A $5 donation gets you a slice of a Vonceil’s Pies creation! A $10 donation gets you as many in-house tastings as you’d like!

All donations, and 10% of all sales that day, will be donated to Rising Youth Theatre!




Great Pie for a Great Cause: Rising Youth Theatre


‘Tis the last full week o’ the month, which means…. Friday is A Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night!  And this month, Karen Olson (you know her, you love her) of Vonceil’s Pies, is whipping up a dozen-or-so lovingly-crafted artisan pies to garner your green in support of Rising Youth Theatre.

Did you catch all the buzz about A View From the Tracks: The Light Rail Plays last month? That was RYT. They paired young artists one-on-one with professional artists to create 5 minute, 2 person plays. This unique opportunity for mentorship and artmaking hasn’t existed anywhere else! And, as both a metro-advocate AND a big fan of interventionist art (the surprise kind? that sneaks up on folks during their typical day?)…. I was hugely excited by this program.


Essentially, RYT’s mission is to ‘create youth driven theatre that is riveting and relevant, challenging audiences to hear new stories, start conversations and participate in their communities‘. Besides their most recent light rail performances, they also regularly conduct staged plays and workshops. A Theater of the Oppressed workshop they hosted last year explored the four categories of physical de-specialization through games and exercises.  It encouraged the audience to take part in a problem-solving dialogue about overcoming injustice.

This is theater with meaning, theater with impact.

“When you come into the theater, you have to be willing to say, ‘We’re all here to undergo a communion, to find out what the hell is going on in this world.’ If you’re not willing to say that, what you get is entertainment instead of art, and poor entertainment at that.” – David Mamet.

And considering the radical potential of youth, who better to find out from– not only what is going on right now in this world, but just where the heck it might go. Come by Friday to hear from Rising Youth Theatre members first-hand.

Pie_NightPractical Art’s “A Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night” 

Friday, July 25, 7-9pm! 

A $5 donation gets you any slice of a Vonceil’s Pies creation! A $10 donation or $25 purchase at the shop gets you as many in-house tastings as you’d like! All donations, and 10% of all sales that day, will be donated to:

Rising Youth Theatre