Practical Art’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (Vol.1): Geek Love!

When we were growing up, we’d never have thought it possible that being SMART and being into things like comics, sci-fi, gizmos, and robots would be the “it” thing; that being a geek would someday be cool. (Despite Revenge of the Nerds, we had remained skeptical.)

But lo! The future has arrived and it is gloriously nerdy– so we KNOW you’ll be needing at least one of these gifts this holiday season (along with maybe somethin’ from our neighbors at All About Books & Comics?):


Vintage Camera Light by Chad Schimmel

Arcade-Inspired Cutting Board by Ryan Nelson

Glass Monster Lazy Susan by Marilyn Cohn


Wooden Robot Box by Jordan-Alexander Thomas


Ceramic Sci-Fi Plate by Tom Budzak

And there’s plenty more where that came from! More monsters, more ‘bots, more quirky characters and inventive gizmos! Swing on in and ask for more recommendations! And until then, live long and prosper!


Featured Item: Pie Plates, of course!

1411111240477689343870  cohn-parta-01  
handcrafted by Practical Art artisan Marilyn Cohn!

Oh MAN! You guys. It’s that time o’ year: ghouls n’ gargoyles, monsters n’ mayhem… and… PIE? Of Course! It’s Fourth Friday! That means it’s Charity Pie Night! Come on by Friday, Oct. 24th, 7-9pm (Yes! This Friday!) to gorge on some delectable sweets from Vonceil’s Pies, all to benefit this month’s featured non-profit, Eve’s Place.

Bring your own plate to keep things eco-conscious, or… know what’s even better? If you pick up a locally handmade plate that’s $25 or more, you automatically get UNLIMITED PIE TASTINGS! And and and… it still benefits Eve’s Place! A local artist wins, Eve’s Place wins, and your sweet tooth wins. Given the season, there’s plenty ghoulishness about, so shop our monsters, skeletons, pumpkins, or any classic dish that’s usable year-round. We’ve got handmade PIE PLATES GALORE!

PRICE: $22-$40, resp.



Natural Habitats: Julio’s Reward!

“After four hours of painting, it’s time to eat some homemade vegetarian fresh rolls ! 🙂 ” — Julio Cesar Rodarte on his Facebook Page

Artists feed off of other art. Local artist Julio Cesar Rodarte posted the above image on Facebook showing just how literally that statement can be interpreted. Not only do his homemade veggie fresh rolls look like colorful, edible mini sculptures, but the chartreuse glass plate is also a work of functional art by Practical Art artisan Marilyn Cohn. Beneath all that yummy vegan goodness, there’s a monster face with a surprised expression that is maybe saying, “WHAT IS ON MY FACE!?” Since this one is a little obscured in its Natural Habitat, feel free to check out other rowdy n’ whimsical dishes by Marilyn here.

Do you have Practical Art in your home?! Let us feature it in a “Natural Habitats” blog! Artful wares look beautiful in the shop, but we think they look so much better in use, being loved! Just hashtag your Instagram photos with #practicalart or tag us as @practicalartphx! If you’re a little more low tech, email your snapshots to!