“The Apple & The Tree” a Family Group Show

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree?” Well, this month Practical Art is putting this idiom to the test! How, you ask? This month’s show features a collaboration of works from a few of our favorite local artists and their children. Representing a wide variety of mediums and modalities, the work represented is thoughtful, inspiring, playful, and endearing.

We asked a few of these wonderful creatives to give us a little perspective about what it was like working with their family for this show.

Lori and Sydney (14) Fenn reflected on the similarities and differences of their artistic styles.

Lori Fenn

“We both enjoy using color and looking at things from a different perspective. Lori’s paintings are more abstract, focusing on patterns, whereas Sydney’s photos are more nature oriented. However, we are both perfectionists when it comes to what we create.”

They each inspire the other to be more creative. As for Lori, “I’m inspired by Sydney’s humor, her timing is perfect and she has a way with turning an everyday comment into something comedic.”

Sydney is inspired by, “My mom’s creativity and ability to make a boring situation exciting…Her creativity allows all crazy ideas to become a reality and I find that very admirable.”

Lilly (10) and Bella (9) Pearson appreciate being raised with and around art.

Lilly says that “[My parents] inspire me by raising me with art. I love art because it gives me so many ideas and I love creating things. My favorite part about making art is doodling and drawing, it helps me get ideas for my comic books.”

Bella states “They all help me by when they do their paintings it shows me some new ideas for my paintings. My favorite part about making art is that it lets me bring out my creative side. It is different working around my family but in a good way because I learn new things.”


Their parents, Kristin and Emmett have purposely and poignantly raised their children around art. “We raise our kids around lots of art and they have been growing up around art studios, museums and galleries since they were young. We believe very much that the best way to support their artistic instincts is to give them space, time and materials to make work, and to support what they are doing. We avoid giving too much instruction or suggestions. Children have such a pure unfiltered way of approaching creativity and we just want to foster that above all else.” After seeing the great works created for this show, we couldn’t agree more!

So, how would these talented individuals describe their pieces for the show in three words or less?

Lori: colorful, complex
Sydney: perspective, perspective, perspective!
Bella: Sunny, beautiful, creative
Lilly: Crazy, fun, ridiculous


Meet these artists, and the others represented in this month’s show this Friday, May 6, 2016 from 7:00-9:00pm. Their work will be up throughout the month of May, so that you can determine for yourself, does the apple fall far from the tree?

Reception for the artists:
First Friday May 6th, from 7-9
May 1-31



“Figuratively Speaking” works by Denise Yaghmourian

Celebrations have been had, champagne has been toasted, resolutions have been made– 2016 has officially begun. Practical Art is thrilled to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ringing in the New Year often marks a period of reflection—a time to evaluate the successes or challenges of the past in order to adapt and prepare for an even brighter future. As Practical Art reflects upon 2015, and looks with excited anticipation to 2016, we are overcome with sincere gratitude for all of our loyal supporters– THANK YOU!denise2

Visit this month’s exhibition and be inspired in your own personal reflection. The stunning figures of Denise Yaghmourian, are sure to stimulate thoughtful meditation. Join us this Friday night, January 8, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm as we celebrate her beautiful, thought-provoking show, “Figuratively Speaking.”


Yaghmourian’s sculptures represent the intimate moments of individuals, capturing the interactions they hold with themselves and others around them. Moments of contemplation, conversation, isolation, or connection are beautifully suspended in time. Denise’s graceful figures are inspired by her interest in “collaborations which occur between all forces, be they intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious, known or unknown.”Figurativley Speaking-05

By offering a glimpse into the essence of ourselves and our relationships, Yaghmourian’s work is sure to offer new insights and enlightenment to your own musings. Celebrate with the artist this Friday night from 7:00pm-9:00pm, only at Practical Art!

The Buffalo Girl Art Auction…. ding! Third Round!

So far, in our rundown of works featured in the Buffalo Girl Art Auction, we’ve seen artwork by Randy Efros, Paul Porter, Linda Ingraham, and Jordan Alexander-Thomas. Since the auction is Thursday, and that’s less than half (!) of what we have to show you, we’re startin’ Monday out with a full trio of artworks! Take a peek, fall in love, and think about buying a ticket to pen in your bid.

JER_12Denise Yaghmourian is a local artist who is the epitome of involved; look up ‘community spirit’ in the dictionary, and there’s her picture right beside.  She’s a Contemporary Forum grantee, represented locally by Bentley Gallery; she’s participated in INFLUX, is active on Grand Avenue, performs regularly at the Torch Theatre… I could go on. On top of all that, she’s just lovely– warm and charismatic. I first became familiar with Denise and her art when Jane brought her catalogue back to the shop, speaking highly of her work; it’s been fun following her endeavors ever since. We’re h0nored to be featuring this 1/1 print in The Buffalo Girl Art Auction.


We have the privilege of hosting Troy Moody‘s functional glass art at Practical Art year-round, and have had the opportunity to host not one, but TWO of his fine arts exhibitions over the past six years. You may also know his work because his largest commissions to-date is also one of the most trafficked spaces in town (and an award-winning installation!): the terrazzo flooring at the Phoenix Convention Center. We’re particularly enamored of his ingenious glass-working process; the sepia-toned images imbedded in here in the glass are the iron-granule remnants left behind after the kiln has burned away the paper that the image had been printed on. Pretty snazzy, huh? This one says, “LOVE”.  Exactly what this event is all about.


And last but certainly not least for today is this snuggly muzzle from local photographer Heather Kirchhofer. This piece is a photo-transfer; an original photographic image was transferred in a gel medium to a large wood panel (this piece is 3′ long!) and artistically integrated with the wood to make a beautifully-composed whole, featuring a clever, minimal crop. Heather has exhibited twice previously with Practical Art, and believes in us, our mission, and Jane’s legacy in the arts.

Well! How’s it look so far? See some art that might look great on your wall? Check back through the previous blogs, and make sure to stay tuned… there’s more to come!

Order your ticket online, and we’ll hold your ticket packet here for you at the shop until the event. In case you need a run-down of the event again, here’s everything included and happening this Thursday:

Practical Art will pay tribute to our late founder, Jane Reddin, with The Buffalo Girl Dinner & Art Auction on her birthday, Thursday, April 10th, from 5-8pm. Food trucks will be on hand to serve up dinner, there will be live music by Pick & Holler and top local artists are providing art works for a silent auction. The event will also culminate nearly two months of a recycling drive.

The $35 ticket price includes: entrance to the event, a $25 donation to the Phoenix Art Museum, a meal voucher for use at the food trucks, eligibility for participation in the art auction, live music by Pick N’ Holler, and drinks.