Practical Art’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (Vol.1): Geek Love!

When we were growing up, we’d never have thought it possible that being SMART and being into things like comics, sci-fi, gizmos, and robots would be the “it” thing; that being a geek would someday be cool. (Despite Revenge of the Nerds, we had remained skeptical.)

But lo! The future has arrived and it is gloriously nerdy– so we KNOW you’ll be needing at least one of these gifts this holiday season (along with maybe somethin’ from our neighbors at All About Books & Comics?):


Vintage Camera Light by Chad Schimmel

Arcade-Inspired Cutting Board by Ryan Nelson

Glass Monster Lazy Susan by Marilyn Cohn


Wooden Robot Box by Jordan-Alexander Thomas


Ceramic Sci-Fi Plate by Tom Budzak

And there’s plenty more where that came from! More monsters, more ‘bots, more quirky characters and inventive gizmos! Swing on in and ask for more recommendations! And until then, live long and prosper!


Jesse Perry: Artist or Circus Ringmaster?


Local artist Jesse Perry’s “I’ll Paint on Any Thing – A Circus Sideshow” will be the feature exhibition at Practical Art for our Art Detour 26 extravaganza. Our main display wall will feature Perry’s menagerie of misfits: loud and proud, odd-man-out characters prominently staking places atop other discards of society– old shelves, shoes, a chair, even a vintage saw. Everything has found its place, everyone has been reclaimed. Hurrah! And take a gander (below) into the artist’s studio; “The Jackass-alope” under Perry’s brush already has a happy home, but there’re plenty of instigators still available. See them below, as well as find out what other sideshow attractions will be found at Practical Art all weekend long.







Edgy, zany, and fun, right? Well, Jesse’s going to be around all weekend with his creative exuberance– from his opening reception this Friday evening  7-9pm, all through Saturday & Sunday from 11am-5pm for the Art Detour event… and he won’t just be maxin’ and relaxin’. Jesse will be live painting a mural in Practical Art’s heretofore super drab back classroom area. Yes! Our kids classroom space is getting a much needed overhaul! Jesse’s even providing xeroxes of his mural sketch for any kiddo attendees to colorize on the spot as a take-away.

Also! If you come early both Saturday and Sunday, from 11am-1pm, you and your kiddos will also get a chance to meet Shannon and friends from The Bergamot Institute! They organize a series of workshops for our summer kids classes, of which you can get a taste this weekend: they’re bringing a whole lotta craftin’ stuff + energy + imagination technical support. It’s a blast.

And for all, we’re offering up snacks and bevvies, information on upcoming events, and the heart of what we do– we’re the hub of a community of local artisans, 120 strong, who’re working to infuse your everyday life with a more uniqueness, beauty, and functional, artful, joy. I’m telling ya, you can get all this in one place. ❤

12 Days of Christmas – Gift 7!

We’ve reached the point where y’all have been following along and I can skip the spiel, right?  IF, by some chance, you’re a new reader, make sure to check out the last SIX blogs for other top gift picks selected by some local-loving Phoenicians as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Blog series. We love ’em, you’ll love ’em, and we hope you discover a Christmas treasure among the bunch for your own gifting endeavors! And now on to the SEVENTH selection! Happy Holidays everyone!

Day 7 

Phoenician: Yvette Roeder

Item: Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker  by Practical Art artisan Jennifer Gross


Yvette Roeder, PR professional and cofounder of Buzzcation, chose ceramic salt and pepper shakers for her gift item. She recently fell in love with, and purchased, a Dia de los Muertos-themed set from Practical Art to add a touch of art to her dining room. Dia de los Muertos may not quite say “Merry Christmas,” but luckily there are other unique sets, all hand crafted by artisan Jennifer Gross. 

About Yvette: Yvette Roeder is a bureaucrat by day and social butterfly by night. She is a PR professional who works for the city of Phoenix and is a co-founder of the popular networking group, Buzzcation. To learn more about Buzzcation, visit