Copper Hummingbird Feeders by Nancy Biggins!


Practical Art loves gardens. We not only love the flowers, plants, and greenery, we love the creatures that live in and visit our gardens– particularly, hummingbirds! Did you know that hummingbirds can fly up, down, sideways, and backwards? These stunning, iridescent birds spend their days constantly sipping nectar from flowers to maintain their racing metabolisms. That is why Nancy Biggins (one of our great local artists!) has designed beautiful copper hummingbird feeders that help provide sustenance for these gorgeous aviators.
Nancy’s feeders work incredibly well– I have them up on my own patio! The beautiful copper is elegant and graceful, while the bright red caps attract the hummingbirds. On a more practical level, these great feeders are drip-free, and bee, wasp, and bat proof!


Come by Practical Art today to help make your garden or patio more hummingbird friendly. You’ll be just in time for the summer months when these birds begin migrating south through our lovely state! Did we mention that they make a perfect MOTHER’S DAY gift? (Remember you only have a few more days to shop for mom!)
We can’t wait to see you soon!


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