Photo Story: Studio Visit with Michaela Edelhauser!


Thinking ahead about what to get for Mother’s Day? Look no further than Michaela Edelhauser’s gorgeous, hand-woven knits. From brightly colored scarves to beautiful totes and colorful utility bags, Michaela’s designs are bright, cheerful, and pristinely crafted. They are the perfect representation of your love for mom!

Michaela Edelhauser_01

A few years ago, Michaela, after reintroducing herself to the art of crocheting and knitting, began investing in higher quality yarns and fibers. On a search for such fineries at an Alpaca Ranch in California, Michaela stumbled across a used floor loom. Purchasing said loom, she attempted to take a class in order to learn how to use it… but the class was canceled due to a lack of students. Instead, she taught herself how to weave through books, blogs, and online videos.  

The new loom changed her art– and her life!

“I taught myself to weave and I connected to it like to nothing else before. It made perfect sense to me, but at the same time, it seemed like magic.  So many times I would pull projects off the loom and wonder “how did this just happen? I did this?”  I wondered how did, what can best be described as a bunch of strings just a few days ago, turn into cloth? And it never gets old.”

Michaela Edelhauser_02

Michaela Edelhauser_03

Michaela Edelhauser_04

Michaela Edelhauser_05

Michaela Edelhauser_06

Michaela Edelhauser_07

Years of perfecting her works has resulted in increased interest in textile design, and innovative fabrics. Michaela has become an expert in the art of weaving. Her work breathes new life, energy, and vibrancy to the ancient craft– and her products are a testament to her ingenuity.Michaela Edelhauser_08Visit Practical Art today to purchase your own one-of-a-kind, Michaela Edelhauser, hand woven textile (for yourself or mom)! We can’t wait to see you!


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