March Charity Pie Night benefiting Singleton Moms!

This Friday, from 7:00-9:00pm,  join Practical Art as we host our monthly Charity Pie Night in honor of a non-profit organization helping families across the Valley– Singleton Moms.


Jody Farley-Berens, Founder and Executive Director, first conceptualized the idea for Singleton Moms when her long-time friend, and single mother of 4, Michelle Singleton, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 32. Jody, along with other friends and family, rallied around Michelle– making meals, cleaning house, and helping pay bills. From Michelle’s experiences, Jody quickly understood that, “Life doesn’t stop with a cancer diagnosis.”

Six months after Michelle’s passing, Jody and her team at Singleton Moms served their first family.

Singleton Moms is the only non-profit of its kind. They provide comprehensive  supportive services and programming to single parents diagnosed with cancer. Meal delivery, house cleaning, and utility assistance all help to relieve the stress on these parents and their children. As Jody knows, having cancer doesn’t stop clothes from piling up and needing to be laundered. It doesn’t stop the bills from arriving every month like clockwork. It doesn’t keep your children from needing a nutritious meal. Jody, her staff, and her volunteers, work tirelessly to ease these everyday concerns.

Yet, Jody and her team don’t stop at these basic needs. They have a saying around their office that, “fun is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”  With that in mind, Singleton Moms provides opportunities for children and parents to have a little fun!

“We like to party! We take the kids out– we might go bowling, or to the Science Center, or host craft activities. We put together birthday bags that contain all of the necessities you might need to throw a birthday party for your child.” Jody is passionate that despite the hardships in their lives, these kids still deserve to have a childhood– and she wants to help.

“It’s equally important for the parents to have some fun.” Singleton Moms also offers opportunities for movie nights, and dinners out, allowing the parents to get away and have a night on the town.  

The depth and breadth of their approach has resulted in the steady, organic growth of Singleton Moms. What started with the service of a single family, has grown into serving 80 families per month. Jody dreams of owning their own building– what she plans will be an oasis for the parents and kids receiving services. She also has visions of expanding to other cities throughout the country. Funded through individual gifts and grants, and utilizing the services of hundreds of volunteers– Singleton Moms would love your support!


Come to Practical Art next Friday. Donate to this great cause. Eat an array of amazing pies from Vonceil’s Pies. And learn more about how you can become involved with Singleton Moms.

Want to do even more? Bring a bottle of laundry detergent with you on Friday evening to donate to a family. As Jody says, laundry detergent is “liquid gold.”

We can’t wait to see you next week!


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