Afternoon Tea with Wisdom Nectar Tea!

“Would you care for a spot of tea?”


If it’s Wisdom Nectar Tea, the answer is unequivocally yes! Wisdom Nectar Tea is a Phoenix-based Organic Herbal Tea and Tisane Company. Their beverages blend certified organic or wild harvest ingredients into nutritious and delicious hot and iced teas and lemonades. Nourishing, relaxing, detoxifying– they have a blend for all ages, all bodies, and all situations. Try them yourself next Saturday, March 19th from 1:00pm-2:30pm, as Practical Art hosts a Wisdom Nectar tea party.

Practical Art loves Wisdom Nectar Tea, not only for their delicious beverages, but because they are an organization with a mission of bringing people together. They work with other businesses and organizations to engage the community and enliven the cities and citizens of Arizona. Gathering around a cup of tea inspires conversation and dialogue.

As founder, Caitlyn McLelland, so aptly explained, “Bringing people together is our focus. As a child, my favorite memories are the times I spent with my grandparents, aunties and cousins. I watched the intergenerational dialogue teach and inspire all the people involved. We, as grandchildren, learned to value the things we had and the effort it took to get there. We appreciated the lessons learned and the mistakes we made as individuals or as a family… Learning is not just from books; it is from experiences and from listening to others. Having tangible experiences and practicing how to respond to situations guides how a person will behave in their life. We all can learn from each other.”

Come to Practical Art March 19th for afternoon Tea and engage in this wonderful community dialogue while drinking delicious tea out of handmade mugs and tea pots. It is open to all walks of life and families are warmly welcomed. Share Tea, Share Happiness!

We can’t wait to see you there!


Afternoon Tea with Wisdom Nectar Tea!
Saturday March 19th from 1-2:30pm
Cost: $10 donation per person or purchase of a new mug
Seasonal teas and tisanes will be available for sale

(10% of sales will also be donated to Singleton Moms)

RSVP: email or call 602-264-1414


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