Photo Story: Studio Visit with Aaron Voigt

Aaron Voigt01

Rusty nuts and bolts and discolored shards of metal come alive in the skilled hands of Aaron Voigt. Voigt’s fanciful robot banks and pencil holders happily adorn the shelves of Practical Art, and bring cheer to our local shop.

At a very young age, Voigt began learning how to weld from his father. “My father welded his way around the world for the U.S. Army and brought his methods and experience back home to his family’s garage.” Their Father-son projects influenced Voigt as he began exploring his own artistic themes. He began putting his welding skills to great use.

Voigt creates his artwork from pieces of manufacturing machines, aircrafts, cars, household fixtures and any other industrial materials he can find. Taking care to sand, smooth, and connect these odds and ends, he designs art with personality. The history of the materials he uses play an integral part in each creation– every robot has a unique story to tell. The discarded, industrial materials have become charming, fun-loving characters ready to find their permanent home with you!




Aaron Voigt03


Aaron Voigt04




Voigt learned his artistic and trade skills from his father, and other mentors. As a result, Voigt works hard to pass along his skills and knowledge to others. “We are here to share and learn. My skills came about through many mentors over the years. I can’t thank them enough for sharing their love. Keep your eyes and your hearts open.”


Visit Practical Art 7 days a week or check out our online shop, and take home your very own Aaron Voigt piece!


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