Photo Story: Studio Visit with Patricia Sannit


With over 130 local artists represented in the shop, Practical Art is host to a wide array of individually crafted works of art. Each piece tells a story. Each piece captures the artist at a particular moment in time. Each piece reflects the artist’s mood, influences, and energy. Patricia Sannit’s work beautifully demonstrates this interconnected relationship– the relationship between an artist and their work.


A ceramic artist, Sannit constructs her pieces using hand-building techniques. Building pieces from slabs and coils, she covers her pieces with white clay slip, into which she carves patterns and lines. Once the piece is fired to maturity, she uses a wash, stain, or glaze to finish. The carefully, hand created pieces, however, reflect more than the processes she utilizes. Sannit’s resulting works evoke a history and archaeology reflective of her experiences around the globe, studying ancient cultures and artifacts. To Sannit, her art is a contemplation of the pull between past and present, and the shared experiences across time and culture.






A Patricia Sannit piece conjures stark white bones and ancient civilizations, bringing the past into the everyday present. A visit to her studio gives insight into how her process is integral to her vision.


At Practical Art, we are incredibly fortunate to visit artists in their studios on a regular basis. Next weekend, you can too! Visit Sannit, and more than 50 other local ceramic artists, February 20-21, as they participate in ASU’s Fifteenth Annual Self-Guided Ceramic Studio Tour.  This event offers the public the rare opportunity to visit the working and living spaces of participating artists. Visit artist studios, and witness demonstrations of wheel-throwing, handbuilding, and glazing. Many of our Practical Art artists will be opening their spaces to you. Meet them, watch their techniques, and learn about their inspirations. View their work at the event, and then come by Practical Art to purchase your own unique piece! We can’t wait to see you soon!


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