Photo Story: Studio visit with Ryan Nelson


For all children growing up during and after the 1980s, Pac-man was (and is) a right of passage. It required speed, agility, and daring ingenuity to outsmart and outpace those blasted colorful ghosts. In honor of this childhood pastime, Practical Art presents local artist, Ryan Nelson.


Nelson– a Phoenician carpenter, handy-man, artist, hiker, local enthusiast, and all-around Renaissance Man– has forever immortalized this 1980’s classic with his Pac-Man cutting boards.

Creating these sturdy cutting boards requires great attention to detail. Nelson carefully cuts strips of various patterned wood and strategically lays them together to form the shape of the desired characters. He then glues the pieces together and uses a press to seal them in place. Once the glue has dried, Nelson sands and smooths each board and covers it with mineral oil.







The result is a beautiful wooden rendition of Pac-man with one of his arch-nemesis– a piece of Practical Art for any kitchen. Add this whimsical, nostalgic, hand-made piece to yours, and reminisce about your youth whenever you cook. Buy yours today in store, or online!


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