“Figuratively Speaking” works by Denise Yaghmourian

Celebrations have been had, champagne has been toasted, resolutions have been made– 2016 has officially begun. Practical Art is thrilled to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ringing in the New Year often marks a period of reflection—a time to evaluate the successes or challenges of the past in order to adapt and prepare for an even brighter future. As Practical Art reflects upon 2015, and looks with excited anticipation to 2016, we are overcome with sincere gratitude for all of our loyal supporters– THANK YOU!denise2

Visit this month’s exhibition and be inspired in your own personal reflection. The stunning figures of Denise Yaghmourian, are sure to stimulate thoughtful meditation. Join us this Friday night, January 8, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm as we celebrate her beautiful, thought-provoking show, “Figuratively Speaking.”


Yaghmourian’s sculptures represent the intimate moments of individuals, capturing the interactions they hold with themselves and others around them. Moments of contemplation, conversation, isolation, or connection are beautifully suspended in time. Denise’s graceful figures are inspired by her interest in “collaborations which occur between all forces, be they intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious, known or unknown.”Figurativley Speaking-05

By offering a glimpse into the essence of ourselves and our relationships, Yaghmourian’s work is sure to offer new insights and enlightenment to your own musings. Celebrate with the artist this Friday night from 7:00pm-9:00pm, only at Practical Art!


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