December Charity Pie Night benefiting Rainbow Acres!


This Friday, join Practical Art for the best night of the month– Charity Pie Night! In this season of giving, we are honored to host Pie Night on behalf of the local nonprofit, Rainbow Acres.  Enjoy the delicious taste of a Vonceil’s Pie and support this unique local agency!


As a child and student, Rev. Ralph Showers struggled with learning disabilities, including dyslexia. He dreamed of a place where adults with disabilities could pursue their dreams and find purpose and meaning.  After becoming an accomplished American Baptist pastor, Showers pursued and attained this dream with the establishment of Rainbow Acres in 1974. In 1996, Rev. Gary Wagner accepted the role of President and CEO of Rainbow Acres, taking care to build on the philosophies and vision set forth by Rev. Showers.  As a result of their visionary leadership and their supportive team of caregivers and employees, today Rainbow Acres is a state of the art facility serving 130 adults with disabilities.

Rainbow Acres serves adult residents, called Ranchers, from the ages of 18 to 80. These individuals have a wide variety of cognitive and developmental disabilities including (but not limited to) Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome,  Fragile X, and Autism. These Ranchers live, work, and socialize in the supportive community of Rainbow Acres– a place they enthusiastically call home. As Rainbow Acres aptly proclaims, “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RANCHERS: providing opportunities for personal growth, offering them freedom of choice, empowering all to achieve personal goals, having friends who accept one another unconditionally (often for the first time in their lives), and discovering purpose in life.” The team at Rainbow, including the Ranchers themselves, work to build a one-of-a-kind home in which individuals are empowered to pursue their dreams.

Support the efforts of Rainbow Acres and eat delightful pie, this Friday night from 7:00pm-9:00pm at Practical Art. The proceeds of the night will be donated to Rainbow Acres in honor of Lorimer Olson (1934-2015), a crucial supporter and board member of Rainbow Acres, and the best grandpa in the world!


A Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night!
Friday, December 18th, 2015 from 7pm-9pm
Featured charity: Rainbow Acres!

A $5 donation gets you a slice of a Vonceil’s Pies creation! A $10 donation gets you as many in-house tastings as you’d like! All donations, and 10% of all sales that day, will be donated to Rainbow Acres!


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