Photo Story: Studio visit with Marnie Brookins

Marnie Brookins_01

Thanksgiving is a time to be… well… thankful! Here at Practical Art, we are thankful for the amazing and unique artists we work with everyday, the fun and functional artwork that decorates our store, home, and office spaces,  the wonderful employees and community members who support our shop, all things local, recycling, Vonceil’s Pies… and as we reach for the holiday decorations in preparation for the upcoming season, we are especially thankful for the amazing Marnie Brookins! Marnie’s handmade glass ornaments not only add a festive touch to the Christmas tree, they also  reflect beautifully when strung up in a window– making them the perfect ornaments for all holidays and seasons!

We love Marnie’s colorful, fun, and festive glasswork– and have a particular affinity for her gorgeous star ornaments. We visited Marnie in her studio, where she gave us an intimate look into the process of making these fabulous pieces. Marnie carefully cuts the glass, choosing the colors that she wants to blend together, and arranging the pieces to melt together. She uses a dedicated glass kiln to fire the ornament, and once it has cooled sands it smooth. She finishes the star by wrapping beautiful copper wire around the center– creating a unique blend of mediums and allowing for the hook by which to hang this wonderful stained glass piece.

Marnie’s ornaments add beauty and fun to any holiday decor. Come by the store and pick one up or find them now on our NEW ONLINE SHOP!

Marnie Brookins_02

Marnie Brookins_03

Marnie Brookins_04

Marnie Brookins_05

Marnie Brookins_06

Marnie Brookins_07

Marnie Brookins_08

Marnie Brookins_09

Marnie Brookins_10

Marnie Brookins_11



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