Photo story: Studio visit with Narcissa Segura!

Molly Koehn-photo story03

Narcissa Segura, creator of Saltpeter Metals, is a master of fine details! She carefully molds each piece of her stunning jewelry by hand. Watching Segura work is a bit like taking a trip back in time. The antiquated methods and tools she utilizes for her craft harken back to a bygone age. I was enthralled and inspired as I watched her make a simple, sophisticated pair of earrings.

The earrings speak of understated elegance, however the steps taken to achieve this result are anything but simple. Segura masterfully heats and shapes the metal. She carefully places and pounds the stones into place. She artfully attaches the backings. She delicately applies the finishing touches. Each step in her careful process is undertaken with thoughtful grace– resulting in her graceful line of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other metal masterpieces.

Desert born and raised, Segura lives in Phoenix, Arizona creating her art, tending a small urban farm, and meddling in the old and forgotten. She is inspired by nostalgia, herbalism, the dead, and eclectic old texts. 

Molly Koehn-photo story01

Molly Koehn-photo story02

Molly Koehn-photo story04

Molly Koehn-photo story05

Molly Koehn-photo story06

Molly Koehn-photo story08

Molly Koehn-photo story09

Molly Koehn-photo story12

Molly Koehn-photo story13

Molly Koehn-photo story14

Molly Koehn-photo story16

Molly Koehn-photo story17

Visit Practical Art today and try on your own piece of Segura’s handcrafted jewelry!


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