“Walking Stories” by Christopher Jagmin


This Friday, ignite your senses and journey through Christopher Jagmin’s “Walking Stories.”

Jagmin is a self-proclaimed (not-very discriminating) collector of images– images he finds amidst the clutter and noise of our digital world. We are continuously bombarded by visual explosions, sound bites, advertisements, and talking points that excite and stimulate our senses. These messages clatter and clang around us, constantly shifting. What at first seems important and interesting, however, can soon leave us feeling vulnerable, confused, and uninformed. Jagmin makes sense of these extremes by seeking out the visual pieces that resonate with him, deconstructing them, and then reconstructing them to reveal freeze-framed moments in time. His pieces become stories in their own right.

harborBy combining fragmented bits of iconic images and symbols, historical and current events, graphic patterns, and advertising marks, Jagmin creates art that visualizes what it means to live in the moment. His artwork speaks to the world of today– highlighting the darkness with the light. These personal, messy epiphanies are packed with memories, history, triumph, sadness, color, beauty, decay, energy, humor, and urgency.  Jagmin has taken the often-overwhelming chaos that surrounds the day-to-day and has edited it down to reveal new insights of our world.

Jagmin would like every viewer of his work to similarly deconstruct the meaning and apply his images to their own reality. Visit Practical Art Friday night and come to your own conclusions about each unique masterpiece, or take one home for yourself.

%22Walking Stories%22 by Christopher Jagmin

“Walking Stories” by Christopher Jagmin

Exhibition: September 1st-30th, 2015

Opening Reception Friday, September 4th, 7:00-9:00 



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