Photo Story: A studio visit with Chad Schimmel!

Chad Schimmel_09

Practical Art loves how Chad Schimmel re-purposes, often forgotten, pieces of the past. Schimmel combines classic techniques with the latest technology to bring items ‘past their peak’ back to life. His resulting wide range of vintage décor promises to upgrade the style of any room. We are particularly fond of his camera lights!

Schimmel demonstrates his timeless vision and keen attention to detail with these one-of-a-kind camera lights. Reclaimed Brownie Hawkeye cameras are used to form the base of these versatile pieces. The cameras are rewired and rebuilt to house Edison light bulbs encircled by stylish metal cages. Schimmel completes the design with a classic plug.  The effect of these strategic elements is a unique, vintage lamp providing style and illumination.
Chad Schimmel_01

Chad Schimmel_02

Chad Schimmel_04

Chad Schimmel_05

Chad Schimmel_06

Chad Schimmel_03


Visit Practical Art any day of the week or visit our online shop to purchase your own unique Chad Schimmel lamp!




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