“This Way to Earth” by Bill Dambrova

Practical Art’s August show, “This Way to Earth,” features Bill Dambrova’s works on paper. These fanciful pieces play with biological forms and archetypes—reimagining traditional images while creating brand new ones. Bill uses collage and bits of paper to depict events that he imagines are going on inside of our minds and bodies. By expanding his mediums, styles, and techniques, Bill is free from many of the rules and habits that can limit his painting style. The result is provoking artwork that demonstrates how even a master has the opportunity to learn, let go, and create a unique new world.


Bill’s final works are not stagnant images, but interact with the onlooker. In his own words, Bill endeavors to create pieces that have “a little room left in them.” The viewer completes the artwork by adding his or her own layer of meaning to what they see and experience.

This interaction between artist, artwork, and audience is key to understanding the variety of themes that play out in Bill’s pieces. Spiritual growth plays against science; physical healing pairs with animism; art history and archetypes combine to create new beginnings. Bill’s thematic and interactive artwork was inspired by his work designing educational exhibitions through artifacts and storytelling at the Getty Center, The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and the Aquarium of the Pacific. Phoenix is fortunate to have this innovative artist back in town, creating artwork from his Grand Avenue studio in Bragg’s Pie Factory.

Goat Heart Studio_10

Connect with Bill Dambrova’s innovative artwork this Friday, and throughout the month of August, here at Practical Art!

Goat Heart Studio_01

“This Way to Earth” by Bill Dambrova

Exhibition: August 1st-31st, 2015
Reception for the artist: First Friday Aug 7th, 7-9




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