Practical Art presents: “The 80’s Portrait Show” by Jon Arvizu


Shoulder pads, leg warmers, cassette tapes: you guessed it—this month we’re heading back to the 80’s! We’ll leave the big frizzy hair behind, but otherwise Jon Arvizu re-introduces us to some of the most personable and comical characters of the decade.

As a child of the 1980’s, Arvizu grew up watching larger-than-life characters come alive in the movies of the time—with a particular affinity for comedians. While some of those movies may not have been child appropriate, they certainly left an impression. Thirty years later, Jon has revisited and recreated some of his favorites. From Michael Keaton (Beetlejuice) to Molly Ringwald (Samantha Baker), Jon uses his art to take us back in time. His screen-printing and mixed media techniques present these well-loved individuals without props or place-holders.  He captures the spirit of their characters in portrait, creating memories that withstand the test of time.


For these portraits Jon designs the images, hand draws and cuts out a stencil for each color layer. He then places the stencils on a screen and runs ink through them to create contrast and shading. With each stencil Jon produces a limited edition of the print, making every one a unique and a rare find.

Arvizu-02 Arvizu-04Arvizu-03 Arvizu-05 Arvizu-06

Join us First Friday, June 5, 2015, to get your own limited edition print, and take a step back in time with the impressive works of Jon Arvizu.



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