A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Tom Budzak of Tempe, AZ


If you subscribe to Ceramics Monthly, maybe this fella looks familiar!? Practical Art artisan Tom Budzak was one of the featured artists in their April edition! (That’s exciting because it’s kind of like the Rolling Stone of ceramics.) And, if you’re local to the Phoenix Metro area, maybe you recognize him or his work from Saturdays at the Downtown Public Market? From last year’s Comicon? From the large display of his work at Practical Art?

Our stock features two of his very distinct lines of work: the “dot pieces”, and his other porcelain wares that feature his hand-painted renderings of pop culture icons, quotes, and motifs. The dot pieces receive most of Budzak’s care and concentration, they’re more of his fine art line, but when you scroll through our photos of him in action on those, you’ll see why his eyes, hands, and overall steadiness might need a break e’ery now and then! Check out below to see the intricate process used to achieve the organic matrix of his dots, and gain a whole new appreciate of the time and care involved in artisan-crafted wares.

budzak_02 budzak_03 budzak_05budzak_04  budzak_06

Want to see more? Check out our web store for a few more of his painstaking dot wares and a few from his pop culture line, or swing by our shop on Central & Camelback to see the full selection!



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