Buffalo Girl: An Exhibition Celebrating Jane Reddin

In the founding years of practical art, Jane Reddin took me under her wing. She fostered my already fervent love of art, by sharing hers. She instilled in me a love of all things local, because her passion for it was contagious. She taught me what it meant to build a sustainable, meaningful business centered on the ideals of community, because every effort that she employed was to support, build, and improve the community around her. Jane’s genius, passion, creativity, generosity, and effervescent spirit captivated me and everyone who met her. There is not a single day that passes in which I don’t think of, and thank, Jane Reddin.

When I think of Jane, I am inspired. When I think of Jane, I work harder. When I think of Jane, I celebrate. At practical art we celebrate Jane every day. In April we ask you to come, and formally celebrate her with us!

We will be holding a variety of events in Jane’s honor this month—including our month-long art exhibition. This art installation went up on April 1st and will be displayed through April 30th. It is a collection of works by a generous and immensely talented group of artists who have joined with Practical Art to help us honor Jane & raise money for the Phoenix Art Museum in her name. The show features works by Christine Cassano, Randy Efros, Mayme Kratz, Lara Plecas, Joe Ray, Mary Shindell, Joe Willie Smith, Kate Timmerman, Denise Yaghmourian, and Frank Ybarra, Kara Roschi and I. A portion of all proceeds from show pieces will be donated to the Museum—an institution Jane enthusiastically valued and supported!

The show has been designed to showcase Jane. The sheer variety of work typifies Jane’s enthusiastic and eclectic love of art. She did not limit herself to a particular style, artist, or medium—but gravitated towards pieces with emotional appeal. This show honors that diversity. The show also honors the energy Jane exerted to support not only the arts, but artists themselves; their creativity, critical thought, and passion. In total there are 18 pieces in the show representing a variety of mediums, sizes, and styles— including 1 piece by Joe Willie Smith that will be set up for him to “play” with other musicians during the reception!

This show is an amazing example of the inspiration Jane still provides to our wonderful Phoenix Arts community, and of the love we return to Jane and our artists. The reception will be tonight, First Friday, April 3rd, from 7:00- 9:00pm. We hope that you will come, share your stories of Jane, and support local art!


“Buffalo Girl: Celebrating Jane Reddin”
Exhibition: April 1st-30th, 2015
Reception: First Friday April 3rd from 7-9



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