A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Jim Daut of Chandler, AZ

dautt_04Jim Daut brought his work into Practical Art just before the holidays last season…. and boy! We couldn’t keep it in stock! Apparently, Phoenix is nothin’ if not a wine town! So, we have a feeling you might’ve already oohed & aahed over his wine barrel creations at the shop.

He scours the entire Southwest region for aged wine barrels that’re fit for becoming lazy susans, wine glass holders, or cheese trays under his expertise and determination. The original cooperage process doesn’t involve gluing the side planks, or staves, together, but rather, there’s an encircling steel strap that’s tightened down to keep these wood aligned and tight. In order for Jim to be able to cut the top off, he must coat beneath the band and just above his cut-line with an industrial adhesive– otherwise those staves would all fall loose! (Which he only wants if he’s using that barrel for cheese trays and votive or glass holders.)

And that’s just the start! Check out his whole process through our ‘In the Studio’ photo series below.

dautt_01 dautt_02 dautt_03  dautt_05 dautt_06 dautt_07 dautt_08


Tons of work, gorgeous results! These’re large, sturdy, and make THE BEST cheese boards. One of the other fun things about these pieces is that no one is the same as any of the others– often, they’ll even have the seared brand of the cooperage or winery, or the handwritten scrawl of what the barrel once contained, “syrah ‘o5” or “cab 2011”. Venture into Practical Art today and give one a whirl or check them out on our web store!



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