February’s Featured Non-Profit: Free Arts of Arizona!


Each month, Practical Art spotlights a local charity to raise awareness about the beautiful and necessary work taken on by Arizona’s non-profit sector. This month, both our DIY workshop — a candle-making event with Standard Wax– and tonight’s Charity Pie Night, raise funds to benefit February’s feature organization: Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona.

Free Arts brings the healing powers of the creative arts to abused, neglected, and homeless children by partnering with over 100 group homes, treatment centers, and shelters in Maricopa County. Many of the children they serve have been removed from their families due to abuse or neglect, and have been placed by the state into a group home. Still other children live with one parent in a domestic violence shelter or both parents in a homeless shelter. Some children live in residential treatment centers where they work to conquer painful issues of physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse, and violence.

Each child needs the chance to express their hopes, fears, frustrations and emotions, and the creative arts give children a way to identify their emotions and express them through a positive medium. The creative arts give children the tools they need to improve self-esteem and social skills. The creative arts give children a voice.

Tonight, over pie, you can learn more about their organization and how to continue to support Free Arts. You might even ask them about their recruitment efforts to bring on creative volunteers who share their artistic skills during workshops with the kiddos; and, you can ask Practical Art co-owner Lisa Olson about how rewarding she’s found volunteering with Free Arts to be! There will also be information available about the upcoming Art From The Heart auction hosted by Nieman Marcus Scottsdale on March 7th.

So come learn, support, and EAT!

A Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night!
Fourth Friday, February 27th, 2014 from 7pm-9pm


A $5 donation gets you any slice of a Vonceil’s Pies creation! A $10 donation or $25 purchase at the shop gets you as many in-house tastings as you’d like! The delectables (made by our favorite sister/helper Karen Olson) have previously included such treats as Banana Peanut Butter Cream and Strawberry Jalapeno. Bring your own plate or pick up a handmade one on the spot to keep things eco-conscious!

 All donations, and 10% of all sales during the event, will be donated to: Free Arts of Arizona! 



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