Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Come on, folks– we are the Valentine’s STATE after all! Let’s show the nation how it’s done! Give some love to your local artists by picking up a lovingly handmade gift for your loved one on love’s nationally-recognized day. Love, love, love– don’tcha love it? I love it. And, as usual, we’ve put together some of our favorite suggestions for you, just to make shopping local even easier:

If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, consider making a special dinner. Set out some candles, flowers, and place this wine barrel stave wine glass holder by artisan Jim Daut over your partner’s favorite bottle of wine for a presentation that winks and says, “it’s just us tonight”.

Magill_hearts-01 Porter-earrings03-06

Jewelry! (Of course!) Artisan Heather Magill has expertly crafted a heart necklace that isn’t just a Valentine’s piece, but classy and modern enough to be worn year-round. But also keep in mind: Valentine’s isn’t just for heart-shaped things! This beautiful pair of earrings by artisan Christine Porter might be the sweet little token of appreciation just right for how you folks celebrate the holiday. (But hmm… don’t these look kind of great together?! SET!)

 weaver_planters-04 weaver_planters-16

And while the artisans haven’t been crafting live flowers, they HAVE been creating gorgeous vessels to show off nature’s blossoms– give the gift of a living plant in an Annette Weaver ceramic planter.


So many choices, and you’re ahead of the game– there’s still two weeks. You could even write a lovely letter, poem, or song in that amount of time: and a beautiful wooden box by Jim Rogers would be a wonderful house for such a special memento.

Let us and 100+ local artisans help you celebrate and honor the love in your life!


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