December’s Featured Non-Profit: St. Vincent De Paul’s Urban Farm


What if there were a way to simultaneously activate the vacant dirt lots downtown, provide empowerment opportunities within a thriving community space, and, most importantly, create access to affordable, nutrient-rich foods for the homeless and low-income?

Welcome to the Urban Farm at St. Vincent De Paul.

St. Vincent de Paul has tapped two master gardeners, Tony Kasowski and Jim Dennis, to turn an acre-and-a-half empty lot adjacent to their downtown Phoenix dining hall into a thriving garden.

And it’s working. Even better– it’s growing. The pair work at least two days a week at the garden, tending it and teaching other volunteers valuable skills to grow food naturally and without pesticides in the desert. Creative gardening methods include incorporating juice pulp donated by Kaleidoscope Juice to create nutrient-rich soil. Since starting the garden in November last year, they have already harvested over 100 pounds of rainbow chard, which was incorporated into meals served at five SVdP dining rooms. They also grow tomatoes, citrus, kale, lettuce, chard, beets and radishes. (Yum!)


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community who have nowhere else to turn for help. As important, SVdP provides meaningful opportunities for volunteers to serve their neighbors in need with love and compassion. And we’re thrilled to be fundraising for their expanding Urban Farm initiative this Friday night! (Yes, that’s the day after Christmas!)

A Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night!
Fourth Friday, December 26th, 2014 from 7pm-9pm

A $5 donation gets you any slice of a Vonceil’s Pies creation! A $10 donation or $25 purchase at the shop gets you as many in-house tastings as you’d like! The delectables (made by our favorite sister/helper Karen Olson) have previously included such treats as Banana Peanut Butter Cream and Strawberry Jalapeno. Bring your own plate or pick up a handmade one on the spot to keep things eco-conscious!

 All donations, and 10% of all sales during the event, will be donated to: St. Vincent de Paul


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