Natural Habitats: Sloane. Is. Adorable.

IMG_8753This edition of Natural Habitats is brought to you by the letter ‘S’– S for Sloane, Stuffie, and Seriously Cute. Because, look. Just look. Are your eyeballs now overwhelmed with cuteness? Yeah, we know.

Loyal Practical Art customer Heather K. sent us over this snap of her daughter just lovin’ the heck outta her owl stuffie by local artisan Jennifer Campbell. And who wouldn’t love this all-soft, lovingly-detailed, and bow-tied, beaked beauty? Sloane almost looks like she’s hiding under the table to keep owlie safe from the giant-adult-people of the world.

Do you have Practical Art in your home?! Let us feature it in a “Natural Habitats” blog! Artful wares look beautiful in the shop, but we think they look so much better in use, being loved! Just hashtag your Instagram photos with #practicalart or tag us as @practicalartphx! If you’re a little more low tech, email your snapshots to!


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