Practical Art’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (Vol.5): Gift of the Green Thumb

If you want to catch up on previous Practical Art holiday gift guides, check out our last four, here, here, here, AND here— but now, we’re on to some suggestions for our wonderful stewards of the earth, those who’ve managed to make food grow in this desert, who brighten up our spaces with bougainvillea, and who scent the world with orange blossoms…. it’s the gardeners! (Or, those who aspire to be!)

Check out some of the handmade gifts created specially for those who love their great outdoors:


Hummingbird Feeder by Nancy Biggins


Upcycled Skateboard Birdhouse by Devin & Lisa Kelley


Herb or Succulent Planter by Alley Yerger


Herb Stake Sets by Charola & Clark Martinek


Owl Bee Habitat by Greg Corman

This time of year is thee best time to be outside in Arizona, so even if your loved one isn’t a gardener per se… the birdhouse or hummingbird feeder might be a nice addition to a yard or patio for at least some nature spectating. And there’re plenty more vases, planters, stakes, walking sticks, fire pits, benches, and the like to gift for an outdoor space– just come visit, and we’ll help you shop!
**And remember, we’re open 10am-8pm EVERY DAY until the holidays, weekends too. We have snacks, bevvies, gift wrapping, and a cozy atmosphere— we make it easy and enjoyable to shop local. Ask about returns and layaway.**


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