Practical Art’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (Vol.4): Oh, hey! The Kids! (Of, course.)

Okay, if you’re following along, we’ve had gift guides for:
—  Your delightfully Nerdy Noel
—  The Kringle of the Kitchen
—  Jinglin’ Jewelry
and now…hmmm…gosh…. it feels like we’re forgetting someone important…. who might already be talking about the winter holidays… non-stop….

Well, I’m willing to bet you already know this answer if you live with a youngin’. (Or, if you read the title of this blog.)

IT’S THE KIDS! Of course, they’re already excited. The chill is in the air, the smell of roasted veggies, pine, ciders and nog…. they know what time it is.  And our artisans have been thinkin’ of them too– we’re stocked up!  Gifting your kiddos handmade wares from artisans in the community is how the holiday used to happen in the villages. It infused the event with a certain extra warmth and emphasized neighborly values.  Here’s what your community of artisans are offerin’ up for your homes this year:

Jim Esdon-dog05

Wooden Toys by Jim Esdon


 Monster Beanies by Elise Leutwyler


Yeti Toys by Jennifer Campbell

Night lights by Marnie Brookins

Baby Sweaters by Cobi Benton

As you can see, there’s bits for babes and toys for tots and teens– from infants to well, even our young-at-heart customers (we, too, believe that crocheted monster hats and yetis are for everyone, 9 or 90!). And, yes, there’s more of a selection of all. You can pick any of these items up from the webstore by clicking, but if you venture into the shop, you’re liable to find much, MUCH more!

**And remember, we’re open 10am-8pm EVERY DAY until the holidays, weekends too. We have snacks, bevvies, gift wrapping, and a cozy atmosphere— we make it easy and enjoyable to shop local. Ask about returns and layaway.**


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