Practical Art’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (Vol.3): Can’t Go Wrong with Jewelry

We’ve covered Gifts for a Nerdy Noel, Gifts for the Kringle of the Kitchen, and now, we’re letting you know that we’ve got your back when Ms. Claus suggests that, instead of jingle bells this year, she’d like to unwrap some jewelry that jingles. (‘Cause, really, who wants jingle bells?)

Our artisan jewelry selection extends across many metals and mediums, techniques and styles, price points, and many, many artistic voices– there’re currently over 25 artists stocking our displays with one-of-a-kind, eye-catching jewelry works.  Here’s just a very small sample of the hundreds of pieces we have in for the holidays:

Arizona Love Necklace by Lisa Pauling


Wood Swoop Earrings by John Ebinger

Bagan-05 Abstract Watercolor Necklace by Barbara Bagan

necklace pen1-03necklace pen1-05

Retro Pen Necklace by Richard Altenhofen


Mixed Metal Earrings by Chris Porter


Lampwork Glass Ladybug Flower Pendant by John Ryszka II

We’ve also got a few lines of work featuring initials/monograms… a little letter specificity adds a nice thoughtful touch to a gift! From the elegant to the quirky, there’s a local artist that creates it– so venture in for something truly unique and special.
**And remember, we’re open 10am-8pm EVERY DAY until the holidays, weekends too. We have snacks, bevvies, gift wrapping, and a cozy atmosphere— we make it easy and enjoyable to shop local. Ask about returns and layaway.**


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