Practical Art’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE (Vol.2): Foodie Goodies!

Our first Holiday Gift Guide of the season wished everyone a Nerd-tastic Noel with gifts for sci-fi, ‘toon, and gizmo enthusiasts. Volume 2 ventures away from Klingons and Kryptonite and into the KITCHEN.

If you know and love a chef (amateur or professional), you know that food is an EVENT. There’s the ingredients, the tools, the plating, the serving, and everything in between, before, and after. Foodie gifts are a good way to validate culinary intensity (and if you’re like us, you like validating that delicious, delicious intensity). So, here’re just a small smattering of local artisan offerings that any chef’d be delighted to own:


Ceramic Oil Pour by Nancy Kuefler


Wood Carved Utensil Set by Dan Basinski

Sandwich Blade by Lee Zierten

Ceramic Nesting Bowl Set by Jillian Schimmel

Caffeine Molecule Coffee Rack by Joshua Martin

And truly, we have a pantry-load of other kitchen wares as well: salt cellars, rolling pins, garlic keeps, mortar & pestles, shaker sets, batter bowls, apple bakes…. you name it, we got it. Don’t believe me? Come on by and see for yourself!


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