The Dynamic Duo – Black Friday & Shop Local Saturday!

Yeah, I’m not talkin’ about Batman & Robin.  I’m talkin’ BLACK FRIDAY and SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY at Practical Art!

We see so many wonderful supporters on these two days every year– people who’re venturing in to buy their first gifts of the season or to do ALL of their shopping– that we’re honestly a little choked-up at the end of the day by the enormity of what it all means.

Practical Art shoppers show up in droves those days to show not only symbolically, but concretely, that they’re committed to support local Arizona artists and our shop in it’s mission to enable that community support for those artists.

Truly: come by, this Friday or Saturday (even better? This Friday AND Saturday!), and look around at all of the skillful craft, the buzz and atmosphere of the shop, the space that we hold, and recognize your part in it. Dollar for dollar you vote for this space, these artists, and when you spread that love to other locally owned-spaces, you are crafting the city you want to live in. Thank you for keepin’ us a part of that vision.

blk fri

Black Friday
Friday, November 28th, 2014 from 9am-9pm

What do you think? Is 12 hours enough time to begin your holiday shopping?! We’re open allllll day, with a plethora of shenanigans throughout the day! That’s right… a plethora! Everything you need to have a non-crazy-making Black Friday Shopping experience starting with BRUNCH! From 9-11am as a little reward for those early birds who wanna help us start the day right, we’ll be serving coffee, mimosas, and pastries. And though we’ll be giving out a $10 GIFT CARD FOR EVERY $100 YOU SPEND IN THE SHOP all day long, if you do so between 8 & 11am, we’ll throw in one of our snazzy Practical Art T-shirts too. And lastly, to end the day, from 7-9pm, we’ll let you wind down with some wine. It’s all local, all unique and lovely, and most importantly for Black Friday, all chill.


sm satSmall Business Saturday!

Saturday, November 29th, 2014 from 10am-6pm
Bo Diddley famously asked, “Whooooo dooo you loooove?” Well, friends, here’s your chance to overwhelm your favorite local businesses with waves of love and support. We know we’ll be here all day long, doing what we try to do every single day– helping you find those right pieces of unique and skillful locally-handmade art for your special someones. There’ll also be plenty of varied beverages and snacks on hand to assist with your shopping stamina (and your partner’s patience), so come by and recharge! We’ll also have a slew of new work in specially for this weekend!


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