Natural Habitats: Julio’s Reward!

“After four hours of painting, it’s time to eat some homemade vegetarian fresh rolls ! 🙂 ” — Julio Cesar Rodarte on his Facebook Page

Artists feed off of other art. Local artist Julio Cesar Rodarte posted the above image on Facebook showing just how literally that statement can be interpreted. Not only do his homemade veggie fresh rolls look like colorful, edible mini sculptures, but the chartreuse glass plate is also a work of functional art by Practical Art artisan Marilyn Cohn. Beneath all that yummy vegan goodness, there’s a monster face with a surprised expression that is maybe saying, “WHAT IS ON MY FACE!?” Since this one is a little obscured in its Natural Habitat, feel free to check out other rowdy n’ whimsical dishes by Marilyn here.

Do you have Practical Art in your home?! Let us feature it in a “Natural Habitats” blog! Artful wares look beautiful in the shop, but we think they look so much better in use, being loved! Just hashtag your Instagram photos with #practicalart or tag us as @practicalartphx! If you’re a little more low tech, email your snapshots to!


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