“Relics” – The Art of John Ryszka II

Ryszka-04 (1)

Award-winning artist John Ryszka II graces our walls for the second time with his newest series of striking glass forms titled, “Relics”.

Most of the works peer out at the viewer from shadow boxes: they’re small faces– whole visages, an assemblage of multiple parts, or isolated features– that hover against a dark background, and tell their own stories through the expressiveness of their eyes… or eye, as some more cyclopsian pieces would have it.  “The eyes are the real key to depicting the emotion behind any face,” says Ryszka.  “I enjoy trying to put an entire story into the curve of an eyelid.”

It’s his understanding of the existence of untold tales behind the faces of strangers that makes his support of Eve’s Place especially resonant. Eve’s Place is a local organization that has provided innovative and empowerment-based programs to victims of domestic abuse for over 10 years. Ryszka created a special piece for this show, for the faces of Eve’s Place, called, “Eve’s Choice”*.

Proceeds from the sale of this dynamic work go directly to support Eve’s Place and their programming.

Join us for the reception this Friday, October 10th, 7-9pm, to hear from John about his process and inspiration, and to find out more about Eve’s Place and your next chance to support them at Practical Art‘s Fourth Friday Charity Pie Night.


*From the wall text:

The beautiful bird inside is looking down and away from the door not
quite willing to confront the hard choice of staying or leaving.

The cage is black and in the shape of a heart. Black because it is the
color that absorbs all the light that comes in contact with it and gives
nothing back. The shape of a heart represents love. Love of the abuser
and the person they once were in better times in the memories of
the victim. The Cage is a symbol of lost freedom, subjugation, and
persecution. The cage, the shape, and the color are all representative
of the abuser.

The door is open. From the birds perspective the open door presents
an exit that can be taken at any time once the choice has been made.
From the outside the open door suggests the threshold of freedom
and new beginnings.

The 5 flying birds represent others that have made the same choice
and that can help give guidance and support. The birds are examples
of freedom. The odd number implies that there is room for more and
not everyone is paired.”




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