PHOTO SPECIAL: Pie Tip #16 from Karen, Pie Maker Extraordinaire– Lattice Crust!

Hello, pie lovers! As the humble pie-maker behind each of Practical Art’s Charity Pie Nights, sometimes I’m able to finagle my sister and Practical Art’s co-owner, Lisa Olson, into venturing into my kitchen and capturing the process with her fancy photo equipment. I certainly felt like photo illustrations on the makings of a lattice crust could go further than just a text description. It’s like dough origami!


A lattice crust is all about following a pattern. In some ways it is similar to knitting, though I don’t actually knit myself, but I think the comparison works! First, roll out pie dough as done for the bottom crust. Then take a knife or a fancy design tool to make the edges pretty, and cut straight strips (or as straight as possible). The great thing about home made lattice crust is the ability to see the imperfections!


Now here, there is a cheat way, and there is the real way…. so choose wisely. You can *choose* to alternate strips vertical and horizontal till the pie is completed. Note here however that while most of your strips will be over and under pattern, not ALL will. In order to get them all over under patterned, I find I like to work from the inside out. I start with my two largest strips in the middle, then do to strips at a time, alternating my patterns from vertical to horizontal. This allows me to follow the pattern with ease because of the repetition, and I *think* it makes for the least amount of times required to fold back dough strips (which I like because the less you have to fiddle with your dough, the more flaky and delicious it will be!).

PieBlog16 PieBlog17 PieBlog18 PieBlog19 PieBlog20 Now, try out the lattice for yourself and see if you like to work in to out, out to in, or any style in between!

And if anything at all was even a smidge unclear, OR you’d just like to see one with your own eyes…. maybe taaaaste one…. come see us tonight for this month’s Charity Pie Night. All donations benefit the CO+HOOTS Foundation! Starts at 7pm!


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