Natural Habitats: Nicole in San Fran!

“An early birthday gift from one of my favorite people from one of my favorite shops in Arizona. What a wonderful surprise after a long day. I can’t wait to integrate @practicalartphx into my California life.”
Practical Art fan and Instagrammer @passton has recently moved out of the valley, and one of her biggest concerns in moving was that her new home mightn’t have the same flourishing #ShopLocal community as we do here in PHX. Well, she got this lovely gift in the mail, a little Shop Local AZ, to tide her over until she links into Shopping Local San Francisco! (We don’t think that’ll be much of a problem.) She’s promised not to forget about our lil’ ol’ artisan outpost in the desert!  Enjoy your gifts, @Nicole!

Featuring Creosote Soap by Practical Art artisan Carolyn Camp, and Mason Jar Tumbler and Neodymium clothespin magnets both by Practical Art artisan Kate Rowan Carey!

Do you have Practical Art in your home?! Let us feature it in a “Natural Habitats” blog! Artful wares look beautiful in the shop, but we think they look so much better in use, being loved! Just hashtag your Instagram photos with #practicalart or tag us as @practicalartphx! If you’re a little low tech, email your snapshots to!


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