Back to School…. wait! what?! already?!

Back to school?!!?  Are you kidding me?! Summer JUST started. (Right?)

Well, at least the ringing of the school bell signals one thing: Fall can’t be too far around the corner. And, if you need another perk of impending academia to lift your spirits, how’s this: BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING! Art is our favorite palliative, so whether you’re sending your kiddos off to the big yellow bus, or yourself making the commute into campus– we have some little treats to make the transition out of summer a little more tolerable.

First, a creative home for that annual “First Day of School” snapshot.

skateboard frames-04







Maybe pick up a writing utensil so nice, you’ll be just looking for an excuse to use it– EVEN if that excuse is homework?  (And what better spot to your store school pens than a wise ol’ owl pencil cup?)






And when all the hard work is done and the teacher’s marked your paper with a giant “A+”, you’ll need some funky magnets to pin it up to the fridge. (These make great teacher gifts, too!)







And, if it’s been a particularly rough day?







We feel you.

“Education, n.: that which discloses to the wise and disguises from the foolish their lack of understanding.” – Ambrose Bierce


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