FREE SHIPPING! …’cause it’s dang hot outside.


It’s hovering right around 400 degrees here in Phoenix, so we can completely sympathize with anyone’s lack of ambition when it comes to leaving the house. Which is why, whether it’s geographical distance or the fear of your car’s interior frying your brain, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING from our webstore for the month of July.

Check out some of the goodies currently on the site:

   soap      fish   vase




And hundreds more items! Wanna take a stab at the promo code?

At checkout, just enter:
heatand voila! Free Shipping via standard post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

We’re doin’ our best to make ‘HEAT’ not-so-much of an unbearable word or idea. See? HEAT means Free Shipping. It also means our summer group show, which is up on the wall this month and features 11 talented local artists and their creative take on the word.

Heat-show-2014_test-2(Save the date! Artists Reception is Friday, July 11th, 7-9pm!)

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll make it through another Arizona summer afterall.



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