It’s Indie Week! Do you have your Golden Coupon?


Get ready to celebrate INDEPENDENTS WEEK with Local First Arizona, hundreds of independent local businesses, and the thousands of shoppers across Arizona who print out their Golden Coupons each year.  What the heck’s Golden Coupon?  Well, each of those hundreds of participating businesses are offering you 20% off* in exchange for that yellow piece of printer paper from June 29th through July 5th– pretty good deal, uh? ‘Cause ultimately, that’s more than a yellow piece of paper to us. Golden Coupons are small little flags being carried by customers and community that wave high and say, “Independent Business is important to me, my neighborhood, my economy– and I support it.” (And ain’t summer the time when small biz needs it, boy howdy!) So print one, or ten, for yourself, your friends, and gosh, well maybe even give one to a stranger, and let ’em all know where you recommend that they spend it!

And to follow our own advice, here’s another Summer Top Ten List for ya!

Top Ten Places We’ll Be Spending Our Golden Coupons

1. Bunky Boutique
Rachel’s summer inventory is full of hip razorback tanks and AZ-love T’s… sounds like a mid-summer Golden Coupon is perfectly-timed!

2. Noble Beast
Your puppies n’ kitties need a summer treat too– this natural pet food & market can getcha water dishes, pet booties (the asphalt is HOT people!), and everything else to keep your fur family happy and healthy.

3. Phoenix Art Museum
Can’t beat 20% off new memberships! (And should we mention that they have cool, beautiful, wonderful A/C all summer long?)

4. Southwest Gardener
f the sun’s completely baked your garden, never fear! Southwest Gardener can provide your outdoor space the artistic flair it needs to prevent it from looking too sad this summer. Use your coupon to save on windchimes, garden decor, and seeds & trowels for the optimistic.

5. Sun Up Brewery
Lightrail Cream Ale? Yes, please! And we’ve even caught wind that our friends at The Torch Theater are hosting a trivia night on Mondays! See you there!

6. Desert Song Yoga
If you the sun has beaten you off the mountains, out of your biking and jogging habits– yoga’s a great way to keep limber and toned indoors through the summer months.

7. Le Grande Orange
Salads. S’about all I want to eat in the summer, so these folks’ll be seeing me for sure. (Stock up on kale, LGO, I’m comin!)

8. Urban Cookies
These guys are great! They sell by the cookie or cupcake, in dozens, and more! Didya see ’em on cupcake wars?!

9. Valley Ho
Staycation, staycation, staycation! Can’t get to the beach? Put up for a long weekend at one of AZ’s best desert oasis.

10. AZ Stronghold Wine
What a great excuse to go check out Cottonwood! (And here is a link to even more awesome wineries.)

And, of course, we at Practical Art are also accepting Golden Tickets! And you can pick ’em up at our Pie Social this Friday, at which– surprise, surprise– Local First Arizona is our benefiting non-profit!


*Some businesses have restrictions, or are offering other deals.

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