Announcing the Artists of “HEAT”!


Each summer, Practical Art hosts its anomaly show during the month when the intense heat is making everything a little off-kilter anyway. There’re mirages, things are melting & warping, our brains are probably baking just a teensy little bit… so maybe it makes sense that July is the month where our rules bend slightly? Instead of a month-long solo show selected and curated by us, we invite all AZ artists who’re creating wall-hanging works to pass their HEAT-themed pieces in front of a panel of art-savvy community jurors. This year there were about 100 entries, so the jurors had their work cut out for ’em! But now that all the votes’ve been tallied, we’re pleased to announce the participants!

Practical Art’s Third Annual Juried Group Exhibition, “HEAT” features these 11 creative local talents:

Barbara Bagan
Lexie Bowers
Christine Cassano
Brenda Edwards
Kim Gluscic
Kevin Hummelgard
Chet Provorse
Nora J. Steele
Tiera Sue
Jordan Alexander Thomas
Patricia Turpin

The show will be an eclectic round up of encaustic, mixed media, solar prints, pyrography, metal work, concrete, watercolor, oil, and more. Whether it’s the content or the material itself (or both!), each work embraces the presence of our common summer oppressor– the hot, hot, heat. It’s internal, it’s external, it’s fire, it’s sun, it’s artistic implement, it’s political issue– it’s all here during July at Practical Art.

And we would like to extend a special thank you to this year’s panel of community jurors, who, though much of their work and life is already occupied with AZ’s arts & cultural happenings, they took the time to squeeze in just this much more. So thank you for your time, energy, and expertise– Adriene Jenik, Director of ASU’s School of Art; Chris Kontakis, Producer and Editor of LocalRevibe Magazine;  Jessica Rajko, Artist Services Coordinator with Arizona Commission on the Arts; Audrey Thacker, Owner/Operator of Artisan Markets AZ; and Kirstin Van Cleef, Outreach and Temporary Projects Manager for Scottsdale Public Art.

The exhibition is up from July 1- July 31, and due to the holiday weekend, the artists reception will be held the Second Friday, July 11th, from 7-9pm.


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