Photo Essay: A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Jeanne Fellow of Tucson, AZ


Humans are attracted to color. The freshest fruits are brightly toned, the loveliest flowers are vibrant red and pink and purple and orange, and so unsurprisingly, much of our art is about our intense psychological connection to the hues of our environment. Abstract watercolor artists like Jeanne Fellow seek to create eye-catching works that sing with a chorale of spectral light, that pluck at our subconscious response mechanisms.  She works intuitively, employing a variety of techniques– dripping, salting, staining, spraying– guided by her own responses to the work as it lives and moves before her, building up one layer at a time.

fellow7C44A3805fellow5 fellow1fellow2fellow4fellow fellow3fellow-lamp1-02Catch that twist ending? For years, Jeanne’s work was created with Italian cold-press watercolor papers, metallic acrylic inks, and was matted and framed for display; while she still uses these high-quality archival materials, Jeanne’s jumped off the wall into sculptural forms that she then lights from within to create stunning, luminescent, room-making lamps– LumenArt. They look completely different during night and day, so they’re almost like two art pieces in one– and both equally brilliant.




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