Top Ten Local Hotspots at Central & Camelback!

Things’ve been ever-a-changin’ here in our little corner of the world– Central & Camelback– and we’re happy to report that it’s just getting better AND BETTER! In putting together our second Summer Top Ten List (see the first here), and in honor of our new neighbors at The Newton, we thought we would give you a list of our favorite local shops here at Camelback and Central! Want in on it? The crazy fun? Well, check this out:

The Top Ten Local Hotspots at Central & Camelback! 


10. St. Francis!

One word– brunch. Just a smidge East of the intersection, St. Francis offers a family-friendly brunch (kids 10 & under eat for free!) on Saturday & Sunday with a live music set thrown in on Sunday. Eat indoors or out on their stellar patio surrounding by their chic urban architecture, and let me just say three things about their omelet: wood roasted mushrooms, fresh herbs, goat cheese. Oh, and bellinis and bloodies? Yes, please and thank you.

9. Frances & HUB!
Dapper up your duds here at C&C with two great boutique clothing options– Frances & HUB. If your threads tend towards classics, indie, vintage, sweet and quirky– Frances is probably the spot for you. If you like a little edge, a little mod, urban street hipness, and have a penchant for interesting design– HUB, specializing in luxury denim brands, might be more up your alley. And each offers other accoutrements to help you up your style quotient.

8. Upwards Projects!
How do they do it?! Anything the Upwards Projects crew touches turns to gold. Delicious, delicious, edible gold. This dual-family initiative has brought Central & Camelback a new restaurant almost every year since 2009, each with a different flair. First it was Postino, then Windsor/Churn, Federal Pizza, and this year their newest addition– Joyride Taco House! Swing by here to get our food suggestions– and hint: they all have great drink specials!

7. Cheese N’ Stuff!
Cheese N’ Stuff has sold over ONE MILLION SANDWICHES. Holy cannoli! A million?! Well, they’ve had some time to do it. Cheese N’ Stuff is another historic staple of Central Ave. They’ve been serving the valley for over 60 years! First, it was Stan’s grandfather, then Stan’s father, now it’s Stan and family! And as Stan has said, the way to make one million sandwiches is just one at a time. (And have you seen their sign?! It’s awesome– kind of World’s Fair-ish.)

6. AJ’s!
AJ’s, part of the locally-owned Basha’s family, has everything you could want from a local market– organic produce, a fabulous bakery & cafe, an outdoor newspaper-readin’ patio, a friendly, knowledgable staff, and my favorite? Local vendor selections! So much of their stock is made right here in AZ– chips, tortillas, wines, salsas, breads, dressings, produce! Gotta love the minimized footprint and the freshness!

5. Halo Piercing!
Not only will Halo poke ya pretty much any new hole ya want, but their jewelry selection is amazing too. From big to small, industrial to whimsical, made from metal, bone, wood, stone, and more, their works are both flown in and locally-made.

4. All About Books & Comics!
Not only are Alan & Marcia some of the sweetest people to have as neighbors, but their business, All About Books & Comics, is the perfect companion to ours. While the kiddos are at the comic shop checking out any number of the million (seriously, one million) comics in stock, parents can peruse Practical Art wares at their leisure– a win for both parties. (Sometimes, it’s not the kiddos that we lose to the comic shop, but the spouse!)

3. Stinkweeds!
Vinyl. CDs. Concert tickets. T-Shirts. A rad staff. Did I mention vinyl? The folks at Stinkweeds are the experts. Really. I know your Pandortify station will make suggestions to you, but nothing beats the human algorithm. Make sure to ask about local rockers!

2. And this is where I cheat and cram a bunch of things in the number 2 spot…..
’cause really this corner has it all: a brewery, a bed & breakfast, framing, cigars, yoga, instruments, funky lighting fixtures, jewelry design and repair, and our very own light rail stop that makes anything else along the Central Corridor just minutes away!

And, finally………….


This weekend our newest neighbors will be flinging open their doors and letting us eagerly-awaiting locavores trample through. The Newton, a multi-business compound forged from ye olde BeefEaters restaurant, will house Phoenix’s very own Changing Hands Book Store, and their bar, The First Draft (I’ve been dying over how punny and clever that is), as well as a new eatery by Justin Beckett, of Beckett’s TableThe Southern Rail. What else? Yes, there’s more! Southwest Gardener will also be moving in! There’ll be workshop space and event space for all of tenants of The Newton, so keep an eye out for even more action on C&C.

And that’s why C&C is the most happenin’ cross street in the land.




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