Summer’s Here! … and the kids are home. Every. Day.

It’s just about that time. You know the time: when teachers head off to the nearest kid-free zone and send your little angels back to you for your new three-month-long, kids-all-day-everyday, summer schedule.


Well, y’all will both need breaks from one another here n’ there, so here’s your dose of good news for the day: KIDS CLASSES ARE BACK AT PRACTICAL ART! We’ve got some regularly scheduled weekly shenanigans for your kiddos ages 7-12, and then we have some wily outlier classes that will be popping up periodically at other dates June-August. Stay tuned for those! 

On the docket for regular programming is the one, the only, the amazing, Bergamot Institute back with us for our THIRD year of classes! Starting June 12th, every Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm Shannon, Adam, Dustin and other Bergamotters, will help guide kids through multimedia experiments in bringing their wildest imagination-creations into 2-D or 3-D reality! They often bring along small project ideas to jumpstart the process… though typically the kiddos quickly deviate from those best-laid plans. (My favorite is still one young gal’s project that became a bejeweled doctor’s head mirror– ’cause what adult would ever think to make such a thing?! It was awesome. Kids, kids are awesome.)kids


Read more about Bergamot and what else they do year-round, here.
And solidify your RSVP to one of their kids class sessions at Practical Art, here. *Classes cap at 10 kiddos, so sign up quickly!*
(Purchase all the seats in a session to book for a group class and get a discount!)

As a final note, we also want to remind you to not miss this Friday’s Pie Social Charity Night from 7-9pm! It also benefits the next generation by raising funds for the Madison Education Foundation. (Ooooh! That means one of Karen’s Pie Tip blogs is coming this week!)




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