What’s that you say? Light Rail Pub Crawl?! I’M IN.


Each Third Friday, us gals here at Practical Art host a 5-7pm Happy Hour that gets us revved up for a night of art event hopscotching. In our attempts to entice you to join us — ’cause the more the merrier!– our happy hours have featured t-shirt giveaways, drinks, our winning personalities (hey, we think we’re fun), and the promise of an exciting Mystery Cultural Destination when we peel out for the Field Trip at 7p! This month, we’re doin’ it a little different, and embracing a definition of culture that encompasses a few more of our senses than just the visual.

That’s right, folks. IT’S A LIGHT RAIL PUB CRAWL!  (Just look at these beautiful blue dots.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.20.59 AMIt’ll be a car-free journey of sights, sounds, tastes, and shenanigans. We’ll visit one of the newest eateries on Central and one of the oldest; we’ll start uptown and head downtown; we’ll spend a small chunk of time at ARTELPHX — a collection of art installations scattered about the floors of The Clarendon Hotel; we’ll swing in and see our buds at Short Leash (and maybe grab a Bear for the road); and finally wind up at The Local, a fabulous bar/eatery where Practical Art provides an intense art infusion. HOW WILL WE DO IT ALL?! Ok, guys, to be fair… this is subject to change. I’ll list a *tentative* schedule below, but we may deviate from it dramatically. We’ll try not to, but we’ll be having a few drinks, so…. I suggest tuning into our Instagram (@practicalartphx) to see where we are during any given hour!

Here’s the tentative plan, and the corresponding light rail schedule:

Practical Art, 5-7pm — HAPPY HOUR(S)! — Drink #1
(Camelback/Central Lightrail at 7:27p to Indian School)

The Clever Koi — Drink #2
(About 8pm, walk to Clarendon for ARTELPHX… and Gallo Blanco!)

ARTELPHX — Drink #3  (Chips & Salsa maybe?) 
(About 9pm, walk to Osborn Lightrail for 9:32p ride to Thomas)

Durant’s — Drink #4
(About 10:15pm, walk to Thomas Lightrail for 10:34p ride to Roosevelt)

Short Leash — Drink #5 (Hotdogs or Fried Pickles maybe?) 
(Leave about 11:15 to walk to The Local)

The Local — Drink #6 (Dessert?!)

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.17.30 AM

And, finally, some Quick Tips for a Light Rail Pub Crawl?
Consider how you’re getting to and from!
Wear comfy shoes, there’s some walking!
Cash is king! It keeps us light n’ quick!
Be responsible– take food/water breaks when you need!
Uber, dudes, uber.

Yay! We’re already excited! Hope you join us!



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