Photo Essay: A Studio Visit with Practical Art Artisan Beth Shook


Under the instruction of the most accomplished professors, I developed skills as a craftsman, found a love for clay, and a near obsession with the drawn line.”  Practical Art artisan Beth Shook says it best when talking about the elements necessary for complete and quality craftwork: head, hands, heart, and– based on the first image below– chutzpah!  But who needs to say anything when you have studio photographs like these to illustrate Beth’s attention to detail at every step of her process. And truly, doesn’t a glimpse into an artist’s studio say 1,000 words about them, their practice, and their art? 

Shook_02Shook_01 shook-03shook-08 shook-11 shook-12 shook-13


Drawings made in clay are the basis for the fine art side of her practice, but even her functional work, like this signature casserole dish, bears the evidence of Shook’s love for line. In her plates, bowls, bakingware, mugs, and more, nothing is overlooked: the solid construction, the tried-and-true colorful glazes, detailed surface treatments, and all the little touches that make these pieces unique to Beth.


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