Mother’s Day– because, well, she gave you life.

Either she birthed and raised you, or she came into your tiny world and gave you a life that you wouldn’t have had without her. Mom is Mom, biologically or otherwise, and dagnabbit, she should be appreciated. Hopefully, that’s something we all convey on the regular, but Mother’s Day does give us a chance to maybe go a little out-of-the-way to do something a little out-of-the-ordinary. Practical Art has some suggestions for ya (all available through our online shop!)– and we think our selections reflect the wide range of mama-types out there.


C Porter-earrings1-04



Delmuro-mommy juice-01



Or! If you’re thinkin’ it’s maybe a little too tricky to pick out just the right thing– snag her a Practical Art gift card and bring her over after you take her out to brunch at any of our tasty neighbors: Postino, Windsor, St. Frances, Maizie’s Cafe….!

And whatever you gift her, make sure you hug her tight. ❤


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