Pre-Show Sneak Peek! Gayle Parent’s “Don’t Be Frightened”


Close your eyes and picture the vibrantly colorful, inky washes of Helen Frankenthaler. Then, imagine that luminescent stainwork enveloped and contained by an Agnes Martin compositional schema. Or… just open your eyes and enjoy what will be hanging in front of you, on display as of May 1: the cheerfully meditative paintings of Gayle Parent.

Lisa visited Gayle in her studio as she was preparing pieces for her upcoming exhibition at Practical Art, “Don’t Be Frightened”. Through Lisa’s lens, you get a sense of the process, of Parent’s ‘maker space’, and of the essential ‘artist’s hand’.






GayleParent-01Parent-may show









The paintings of Gayle Parent are quietly playful works that create a space of gentleness, joy, and brightness. From the relentless mental din of our stresses, worries, and concerns, she offers her work as a respite. The graphite geometries that create each framework hint at our responsibility to order and structure, but as the aqueous paints seep into the raw, unprimed canvas, and as the presence of the artist’s hand becomes undeniable, we are able to observe these works as long psychic exhales.

“Don’t Be Frightened” 
Exhibition: May 1st-May 30th 2014

 Join us for the reception for the Artist: First Friday, May 2nd, 7-9pm


One thought on “Pre-Show Sneak Peek! Gayle Parent’s “Don’t Be Frightened””

  1. It isn’t just the product you produce, it’s the joy of creation and you should be truly proud!!!!! Cynthia Posenauer….Yeah!!!!

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