Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Summer Group Show Call for Art!

Well, I guess it’s already been in the 90’s this year…. time to really push the HEAT Call for Art now that heat is something we need to legitimately start thinking about.  (Have you turned on your A/C yet? Ooph.) I know, I know, seems like the holidays were just yesterday, but it’s already the middle of April, which means our big annual group show is just over two months away– and the deadline’s much sooner!  Our group exhibition features the work of jury-selected Arizona artists and is intended to celebrate both the artists and the arts appreciators who hold steady and keep creative culture alive through the midsummer heat.  Each year, a panel of community jurors are selected for their involvement in the local art scene– this year’s confirmed jury list includes: Jessica Rajko (Arizona Commission on the Arts), Kirstin Van Cleef (Scottsdale Public Art), Adriene Jenik (ASU School of Art Director), Audrey Thacker (AZ Artisan Markets), and Chris Kontakis (LocalRevibe Magazine). Past years’ previous exhibitors have included Terry Pisel, Andrew Sefierth, Jon Arvizu, Lucretia Torva, Kevin Hummelgard, Lisa Albinger, Sarah Kriehn, and more.

HEAT is a great opportunity for artists to connect to with one another as well as have their work pass in front of a stellar panel of linked-in jurors. HEAT, afterall, is defined as the transfer of energy between bodies— so let’s keep our creative energies up in a month when we’re all tempted to curl up in a cool corner and wait until October. 

Details to submit

Should relate to the theme ‘heat’ in any interpretation. Our jurors will consider wall-mountable art in any medium, not exceeding 32” in width. Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your work for consideration:

1. Submit up to (5) images in JPG format. Images should be sized at 1000 pixels on the longest side with a resolution of 150 ppi. Number your files following the format: “01_lastname.jpg”

2. Include title, medium, retail price, and dimensions of framed submission

3. Include an artist statement & bio

4. All entries must be submitted via email to info@practical-art.com by Wednesday, May 15, 2014.

Eligibility: Open to all Arizona artists

• Deadline for submission of works: Wednesday, May 15th, 2014

• Notification of acceptance: Friday, May 31st, 2014

• Delivery of accepted work for exhibition: Accepted work must be framed or similarly finished, ready to hang, and      at the gallery no later than Sunday, June 23th, at 5pm. No exceptions.

The work will be selected by a panel of guest jurors chosen from the local arts community. The size of accepted entries will dictate the number of pieces in the exhibition, 10-15 works approximately. All work will be listed for sale at a price set by the artist, and all sales will be governed by a standard Practical Art consignment contract (available for review upon request).





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