Celebrate SIX YEARS with us this weekend!


With our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY upon us (celebration details below), guess what I did last night? Yeah, that’s right– I got nostalgic. (I know… no one’s surprised by this.) And lo, I’m usually the ‘words person’, but I felt that my few paragraphs would just barely HINT at what we’ve been up to for SIX YEARS. So, instead, I trolled our own Facebook page, and picked out a lot of those worth-a-thousand-words images that speak about who we are, what we do, and why none of us could imagine life without Practical Art. Here’s all of the reasons ‘because’.

Because Amazing Exhibitions.


Because Holiday Ridiculousness.


Because Music.


Because Pie.


Because Jane.


Because Locally Handmade.


And remember that time that…..


….we’d finally  received so many letters for Mr. Art Practical, that we decided to go ahead and apply for that line of credit?


… that Lisa held and bottled fed a baby goat at the farmer’s market?


… that one of our artisans was specially commissioned for wedding rings?

growinup … oh, and anyone remember that one time where we might’ve grown up a smidge?

(Naaaaaah, us either!)  🙂

Gosh, what a ride, you guys! And we’ve seen so many of you over so many of these years– you’ve brought family, brought friends, told strangers, and honest-to-goodness that is why we are here today. We hope to see you and anyone you wanna bring this Saturday to celebrate!

Our Six Year Anniversary Celebration!
Saturday, April 19th, 2014 from 11am-5pm
As a big ol’ THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported us and our 120 local artisans, we’re hosting a FREE, all-day Artist Fair featuring live demonstrations (wood turning, pottery, glass, fibers, and more!), interactive work stations, food, bevvies, and as much happy shenanigans as we can pack into a day!

Demos include:

  • Wood Turning by expert craftsman Paul Porter!
  • Pottery Wheel clay-throwin’ by ceramicist Jared Tolson!
  • Torch-fire Glass Sculpture with flame artist John Ryszka II!
  • Fiber Arts with Bewilderknits Collective member, Gwynne Sullivan!

This is a fantastic chance to see all of what goes into crafting usable, artful wares that are durable, heirloom quality, detailed, unique, and handmade! And in four different mediums no less! Different tools, different challenges, different rewards. For the love of art! (Take a closer peek at the ‘Because Locally Handmade’ photos, and you can see each artist above involved in their specialty!)

Please, come help us celebrate! Meet the artisans! Eat, drink, make!  *ALSO! Our neighbors, Stinkweeds, are celebrating Record Store Day! Central & Camelback is party central!*


And truth be told, it might just very well be the shop that grew up the most. Good job, shop, Happy Birthday. We’re honored to be your stewards. Here’s to many more!



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