Buffalo Girl Art Auction…. the final two!

It’s Buffalo Girl Art Auction Eve! We’re thrilled at the number of Buffalo Girl Dinner & Art Auction tickets that’ve been ordered for this, our Fourth Annual Dinner and FIRST EVER auction honoring our late founder. And we’re super excited to be able to tell you all, tomorrow night, in person, about how much your support means to us. Fair warning…. hugs may be involved. Even if you’re a brand new supporter of the shop, and only know Jane through our stories… that still may not save you from the hugs.

And now, we announce the final two pieces up for grabs in tomorrow night’s silent auction. Lean in and check these babies out!



Local artisan John Ryszka II is another one of those Practical Art artisan who has been a part of our community for so long, that we’ve not only seen one new addition to his family come along, but two! His darling little daughters and lovely wife Nora, provide John with the support and inspiration from whence his craft has blossomed over the years. Because it’s a daily art, daily practice, his work is award-winning, and he is able to create extraordinary, complex forms such as this tumbling figure. Set on a wood pedestal, the crystalline outer structure is a delicate web of glass cradling the falling/floating protagonist, also made of glass. Fragile and beautiful–a poetic, visual metaphor perfect for a memorial event.

IMG_3980And does this look at all familiar? If you’ve been in to see our April exhibition, “Century Club” by Lisa Olson and Terry Pisel, you may be able to recognize this as a Terry Pisel piece. “Century Club” catalogs only sites in Arizona (102 of them!), so this 2’x3′  mixed media work is obviously from a different series (anyway, I HOPE you aren’t buying ocean front property in AZ!). Terry’s first gallery exhibition “Chicago” was held at Practical Art in 2011, and his sophomore show in 2012, “Valley of the Sun”, also mounted at Practical Art, completely sold out. His unique process allows his photography to exist in the space between flat plane and object, the machine and the hand, faithful representation and painterly license. I highly recommend coming to view this piece in person.

So? What do you think? Are these final pieces drawing you in? Or, have you just put off buying your tickets until now? Either way, don’t fret– you can buy tickets even through tomorrow! Come by any time until 8pm tomorrow night to donate to Phoenix Art Museum, dine at the food trucks, bid on some fantastic local art, and raise a glass to the gal that brought us all together, Jane Reddin.






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